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We would like to invite you all to a special concert by renowned Turkish-American composer Kamran Ince hosted by the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston. Mr Ince is in Houston for a guest-artist residency this November. A full concert of Professor Ince‘s works will be presented by AURA, the contemporary music ensemble at the Moores School.

All ATA-Houston members will receive complimentary tickets at will call for all three events.
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Nov 14, 7.30 pm – 9.00pm, Moores Opera House, Moores School of Music, University of Houston
AURA Contemporary Ensemble, Crossroads, Music by Kamran İnce

Nov 15, 10.00 am, Room 118, Moores School of Music, University of Houston
Kamran İnce public lecture “Turkish Contemporary Composition”

Nov 17, 10.00 am, Room 118, Moores School of Music, University of Houston

Program for AURA Contemporary Ensemble, Crossroads:

Featuring Special Guests:
Kamran Ince, composer
Melanie Sonnenberg, mezzo-soprano

ABANDONED (2014) – Kamran Ince (b.1960)
mezzo-soprano, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin & cello

WAVES OF TALYA (1998) – Kamran Ince (b.1960)
flute, clarinet, violin, viola & cello, piano & percussion

TURQUOISE (1996) – Kamran Ince (b.1960)
flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, double bass, synthesizer & percussion

DRAWINGS – Kamran Ince (b.1960)
flute & piano

ROAD TO MEMPHIS (2008) – Kamran Ince (b.1960)
viola & harpsichord

AURA is:
Rebecca Poole, flute
Matt Vanderworp, clarinet
Roberto Alonso-Trillo, violin
Nina Bledsoe, viola
Andrew Cavazos, cello
Jessica Myers, piano
Yukino Miyake, piano
Juwan Blanton, percussion
Alejandro Basulto Martinez, conductor
Rob Smith, conductor

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About Kamran Ince

Kamran Ince has been hailed by The Los Angeles Times as “that rare composer able to sound connected with modern music, and yet still seem exotic.” Ince was born in Montana in 1960 to American and Turkish parents. He holds a Doctorate from Eastman School of Music, and currently serves as Professor of Composition at University of Memphis and Co-Director of MIAM (Center for Advanced Research in Music) at the Istanbul Technical University.

The leading orchestras of the world perform his works. Concerts devoted to his music have recently been heard at the Holland Festival, CBC Encounter Series (Toronto), the Istanbul International Music Festival, Estoril Festival (Lisbon), TurkFest (London), and Cultural Influences in Globalization Festival (Ho Chi Minh City). In addition to symphonic and chamber works, his catalogue also includes music for film and ballet. His numerous prizes include the Prix de Rome, the Guggenheim Fellowship, and the Lili Boulanger Prize. His Waves of Talya was named one of the best chamber works of the 20th Century by a living composer in the Chamber Music Magazine. His music is published by Schott Music Corporation.

Recent projects include Far Variations (2009) commissioned by Arizona Friends of Chamber Music for the Los Angeles Piano Quartet; Concerto for Orchestra Turkish Instruments and Voices (2009) for the Turkish Ministry of Culture; Music for a Lost Earth (ambient music project) (2007); Gloria (Everywhere) (2007) for the Chanticleer Mass project (Warner CD, 2007); Hammers and Whistlers (2006), a work for women’s choir, children’s choir, and orchestra for Present Music’s 25th anniversary; last night, in istanbul. (2006) for Opus 21; Turquoise (2005), a project of his various works arranged by him for the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and performed throughout Holland (released as an NBELive CD in 2006); 5th Symphony Galatasaray (2005) for the 100th anniversary of Galatasaray soccer club (winner of the European and the World Super Cup); and Requiem Without Words (2004), for the Istanbul International Music Festival in memory of the victims of the November 2003 terrorist bombings in Istanbul.

His latest orchestral CD is “Kamran Ince” on Naxos (with his 3rd and 4th Symphonies), with Ince conducting the Prague Symphony Orchestra. “In White” (“On In White, Ince does with sound what Walt Disney did with light in Fantasia-Innova”), with Present Music containing large ensemble works, is on Innova. Among his other CDs are “Fall of Constantinople” from Argo/Decca, “Kamran Ince & Friends” from Albany, “Kamran Ince” from Northeastern, “Sheherazade Alive”, performed by the Önder Piano Duo on EMI Classics, and “Gates” for solo piano, performed by Ruya Taner on the A.K. label. His music for films Love Under Siege, Aphrodisiac (KamranInce Music for Films) and The Singer has been released by Universal/Raks in Turkey. Four new CD’s of his music containing orchestral and ensemble works are scheduled for release by Naxos during the next two years.

Map to MSM

To reach the University of Houston from I-45 southbound, take the Cullen exit. From I-45 northbound take the Elgin/Cullen/Lockwood exit. Use UH Entrance 16, off Cullen to reach the Moores School of Music building and the Moores Opera House. Free event parking is available in Lot 16C after 6 p.m. for music events.