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General Assembly Reminder and Voting Instructions

Dear ATA-Houston Members,

Your Vote Counts!
Below is a reminder of your voting rights for the upcoming election.

Voting by Proxy - Eligibility

For your ballot and proxy vote to be eligible:
1) Your Proxy with ballot needs to be received by the Board of Directors by no later than midnight on Thursday April 20, 2017. Proxies and ballots can be emailed conveniently to secretary@atahouston.org.
2) A family member, who is eligible to vote, can deliver the ballot and proxy of another family member to the General Assembly in person.
3) With the exception of item (2) above, all other proxies and ballots delivered at the General assembly will be REJECTED.

Voting in Person - Eligibility

To be eligible to vote at the General Assembly, the following rules apply:
1) You have been an ATA-Houston member in the past and renewed your membership for the current 2017 year by midnight Thursday April 20th.
2) You became a new member of ATA-Houston 3 months prior to the elections (before January 22, 2017).

The meeting will start at the Jungman Library promptly at 2 pm, and voting will commence shortly afterward.
We look forward to seeing you all at the ATA-Houston General Assembly!
Please be sure you download the latest ballot, which is linked in the announcement sent to members by ATA-Houston.

ATA Board of Directors